Roadshows are field events on steroid. If done right, they can take your branding to the next level, create social buzz, and jumpstarts your demand generation effort. Because they can be done in sequence and take place in different cities, they are a fantastic way to spread the word in an in-person or interactive format, especially to those you could hardly reach.

For us to make your roadshows a success, we will take care of nitty-gritty details such as:

  • Determine the vehicle type to transport the roadshow crew and marketing materials from venue to venue without a glitch. The vehicles could be mini-vans, shuttle buses, trucks, etc. 
  • Plan your possible route to ensure no time wasted on the road and help you cover as many places as possible to gain wider coverage.
  • Make sure the rules and regulations are obeyed for you to get the permission or license from the local authorities to hold roadshows.
  • Replicate your every roadshow so that all of them are consistent in delivering the experience especially in terms of staging, styling, lighting, audio, multimedia, interactive digital media, etc. 
  • Deploy the right promotional strategies according to your marketing budget so as to enhance the impact.

Rest assured we will get you off the hook throughout the roadshow preparation, and all you need to do is to choose the venue, the attractions and the entertainment you want.

That’s not all. Our creative specialists also possess superb communication skills, management and strong business acumen, all towards ensuring your entire event a memorable, joyful one!

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