3D Visual Design

Can’t seem to visualise how your event is going to look like by just looking at receive on-paper illustrations and itemised list of equipment? Fret not, 3D visual or model will be of help. 

At Myth, we have all the advanced rendering softwares and design expertise to provide you with an incredibly detailed 3D visualisation of the final look of your event. This means you will expect a complete set of 3D modelled drawings that illustrates how all the individual elements come together, such as the location of stage, screens, audience chairs and tables, equipment and even highly complex set designs or props.

So, here’s how it works. After our initial consultation with you to understand your exact requirements, our set designer collaborates with our technical team and stylists to produce numerous 2D and 3D images which will be part of our proposals. We take pride in how closely we can match up what the venue will look like on the event day with our 3D visualisations that emphasize on both aesthetic and practicality. From the placement of tables and chairs to number of fire doors, the list of questions is endless, and with 3D design, we have the answers and of course, a clearer, flawless plan for the events.

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