Entrance Arch & Photobooth Services

First impressions matter, and this applies to all human and business interactions. When it comes to event, entrance arch is what your future prospects will see first and it definitely needs to deliver the right message. 

For years our design team has come up with a plethora of aesthetic, durable entrance arches for events, exhibitions, trade shows, and showrooms. Depending on your event needs, we can provide exhibition arches, inflatable arches, balloon arches, optical illusion arches, product inspired arches, high-tech arches, geometrical arches, etc. Design and sizes are customisable. The sky is the limit.

Besides, good impression won’t last without audience engagement. If you want your guests to have fond memories of your event, then photobooth is your answer. It adds a touch of fun into a rigid setting, which is why it can be a perfect addition to any kind of event. We have plenty of customisable photobooth options, each offering various photo print formats, backdrop design, photo templates and props. And of course, we will have a professional photographer team that will help your guests to get instagrammable shots with the props and  perfect pose, too!

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